Continue the Legacy...

Our valley forefathers were community-minded, and left us a beautiful heritage in the form of 3 parks. The proposed Ogden Valley Parks Service Area gives us a chance to manage our parks in our way... and continue the legacy.

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Do you realize some pay little and some pay more for our Valley Parks? Of the 3,994 residences in Ogden Valley, 1,313 pay no taxes to support our Parks, and there is an inequity on what is currently paid. Hover over or click the chart for details.

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What is the goal of the Ogden Valley Parks Service Area?

The proposed Ogden Valley Parks Service Area would combine Huntsville, Eden and Liberty Parks into a service area that would include all properties from the mouth of Ogden Canyon to the County Lines, and fund our parks in an equitable manner.

Each park would retain local committees to oversee local affairs, and events, and have representation on the Ogden Valley Parks Service Area Board to manage revenue collection and funds disbursement.

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Let's unite our voice!

By uniting our voice, we can coordinate with Weber County and event organizers to make sure our parks are managed, maintained, improved and expanded in our way. Maybe we can negotiate fees for events and examine impact fees. Increased funding for our parks would come from an equitable mil levy property tax rate. If we all paid what residents of Liberty Park District now pay, we will have adequate funding of our parks. By tying revenues to taxable value, growth will provide adequate funds in the future.


Notice is hereby given that The Ogden Valley Parks Service Area Board will hold a public hearing November 14, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Weber County Library, Ogden Valley Branch, 131 S. 7400 E., Huntsville, Utah, to take public comment on the proposed annexation of identified Ogden Valley properties into the Ogden Valley Parks Service Area.


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We invite you to sign our petition and/or attend a forthcoming public meeting, time and date to be posted here and in the community.

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